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    Nature’s Makeover Awaits

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    Elevate your outdoor space with our professional tree service. Experience a fresh, vibrant yard.

    Experience Meets Innovation

    Nearly Three Decades of Unmatched Tree Stump Service Excellence

    Stump Pros, established in 1996, has been delivering unparalleled tree service for almost 30 years. We pride ourselves on combining our vast experience with exceptional customer service, setting us apart in the industry. Our team specializes in tree stumps, root, and shrub removal, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Our commitment is not just to service but to providing solutions that enhance and protect your outdoor spaces.

    Rooted in Quality & Care

    Expert Stump Removal Service in West Bloomfield, MI

    Stump Pros stands as a testament to nearly 30 years of excellence in stump removal service. Our journey began with a vision to offer not just services, but solutions tailored to each unique landscape. We excel against our competitors through our years of experience and outstanding customer service. Specializing in stump grinding, tree root removal, and shrub removal services, we have evolved into a trusted name in West Bloomfield, MI. We’re not just tree service providers; we’re your partners in maintaining and enhancing the natural beauty of your environment.

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    Transforming Yards with Care

    We’re Your Yard’s Best Ally

    Choosing us means opting for a team that values your landscape as much as you do. With our nearly three decades of expertise, we understand the nuances of tree, stump, and shrub care. Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with environmentally friendly practices. We’re committed to providing solutions that are not just effective but sustainable, ensuring your yard remains a source of pride and joy for years to come.

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    Elevate Your Landscape Today with Our Expert Tree Stump Service

    In West Bloomfield, MI, Stump Pros is your ideal partner for exceptional stump removal service. We’re dedicated to transforming and maintaining your outdoor spaces, ensuring they’re beautiful, functional, and safe. With our expertise in stump grinding, tree root removal, and shrub removal services, we offer solutions that breathe new life into your landscape. Reach out to us today and take the first step towards a vibrant, refreshed outdoor space. Let’s work together to create the yard of your dreams!

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    Our Services

    This Is What We Do

    Tree Stumps

    We specialize in stump grinding service, effectively removing unsightly tree stumps to enhance your property’s appeal and safety.


    Our tree root removal process efficiently tackles invasive roots, ensuring the stability and aesthetics of your landscape.


    We provide expert shrub removal services, clearing overgrown or unwanted shrubs to revitalize and reshape your outdoor space.

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    See What People Say About Us!


    Joe Macay

    Stump pros is Fantastic. Highly recommend!

    Google Reviews


    Bill Bisnack

    Ted was out this morning and did an outstanding job removing a large boxelder stump and multiple large invasive roots threatening my basement walls. His awesome grinding machine, remote controlled to allow precision positioning, did a thoroughly effective job, and also included a plow to regrade the entire area saving me a lot of further landscaping work. I would highly recommend him to others, and welcomed his friendly manner throughout the process. Thanks much Ted!

    Google Reviews


    Claudia Kuiper

    The tree service that removed my huge, old, maple tree, sent Ted from Stump Pros to grind down the stump that was was left.. He did an amazing job. Ted was very professional and his work was the best! He cleaned up the area around the stump and left no mess on the surrounding grass, the sidewalk or my neighbor’s driveway. Ted explained to me the best way to get rid of the chips. He was very thoughtful and a kin.

    Google Reviews


    Jennifer Ortwine

    Very professional, prompt, and terrific work!!

    Google Reviews


    Terry Matthews

    I’ve used stump pros on a number of occasions and they’ve ALWAYS been terrific! 5 stars absolutely!!!

    Google Reviews



    Reliable and professional work.

    Google Reviews


    Dave Jankowski

    I highly recommend Stump Pros to call for their service. I had a birch tree taken down but the stump was left to deal with. I called Stump Pros that my neighbor highly recommended before Labor Day. Ted arrived on time two days after Labor Day to chip up the huge stump. Amazingly fast it was chipped below ground level in minutes. The price was very fair and professional. Ted asked if I planned to plant a tree or just grass so he would know how far down he needed to chip up. I thought this was a great question which shows his concern of what I was going to do. Don’t hesitate to call Stump Pros!

    Google Reviews


    Sandra Wimbrow

    Ted came and was very professional. We are very pleased with what he did today. Thank you Stump Pros

    Google Reviews


    Robyn Fox

    Ted was great! The company was very responsive, came out early the morning after we called and quickly removed a few stumps. The area was cleaned up nicely when he was done. I will call every time I need a stump removed.

    Google Reviews


    D. Moe

    Quick, efficient, great cleanup. Would call again.

    Google Reviews


    Mariam Kesto

    Ted was amazing. We cut a lot of our trees down and used Stump Pros to stump all the trees. Ted was professional and caring and advised me to call Miss Dig to have them come out and mark where we have utility wires underground. It turned out we had wires where we needed stumping done and Ted was very careful around the wires and did an amazing job in a safe way. I definitely recommend this company to anyone that needs stumping. Thank you again.

    Google Reviews


    Lee Yelinek

    I didn’t use them because I was calling for free removal which they don’t do however, he answered the phone and texted me two companies that do take down trees within 5 minutes. As simple as that sounds, it Says a lot about a company now a days.

    Google Reviews

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    We’re proud to serve West Bloomfield, MI, and the surrounding areas with our quality services.

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